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LIVA Tours and Travels provide best services for visa processing of all countries. The company offers a broad suite of service offerings designed to securely manage visa applications and issue visas. The services are streamlined in visa application lifecycle while providing flexibility for customization for each client.

  • Special services for American Visa applicants:

  • Immigrants/Visitors/Business/Students:

  • B1/B2, H1/H4, F1/F2, J1/J2, R1, K1, K3 & other U.S Visas

  • Checking the documentation for Immigrants/Non-Immigrants

  • Web appointments for Non-immigrant visa applicants

  • VFS Submission of NIV Applications / IV Documents

  • Lodging, Medicals, Photos, DDs, Filling Of VISA Forms

  • Consultation on Greencard, Extension of stay, Petitions, Re-entry Permits, U.S Passports, & all American / Indian Formalities

  • Assisting US citizens to file petitions in New Delhi

  • Visa Stamping for all countries

  • VISA for UK/CANADA/AUSTRALIA and all other Countries

  • Visit visa / Business visa for Gulf countries

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